The Unmissable Accustrike Series is Here!


It’s been years in the making, and it’s finally here… Introducing the most accurate range of blasters and darts that Nerf has ever created, the Nerf N-Strike Elite Accustrike Series!

Born from the need to create better precision performance – Nerf Labs incorporated the latest tech into creating a blaster and dart series that would make you almost unbeatable! It’s Nerf taken to the next level, and trust us when we say that your opponents won’t know what them!

The new Accustrike blaster Series comes with the Alphahawk and Falconfire blasters which were specifically designed with speed and accuracy in mind. Together with the Accustrike darts, they pack one insanely accurate punch!

The Falconfire is a single shot blaster that comes with a handy storage unit which can hold 6 extra Accustrike darts that attach to the tactical rail. Firing it easy, just load your dart into the top of the Falconfire, take aim and let loose! It’s fast and accurate, which is exactly what you need when you’ve got to make every shot count!

The Alphahawk is the next step in Accustrike play – featuring a 5-dart drum, the Alphahawk unleashes 5 darts in a row without you having to reload. You just prime the bolt and pull the trigger to hit target after target, time after time.